Hey there, I’m Paul!

To the left, you can see my favorite people, my daughter, and wife, Angie.

We are building an adventurous life together and I spent a lot of time writing about how we’re making that happen.

Below you’ll find a bit more about me, some of my projects, and how you can learn more about my story


    “Pathless” Stuff

    • Still trying to share my my book, The Pathless Path, with the world, and selling foreign rights with an agent worldwide
    • Having conversations with people on The Pathless Path Podcast
    • Writing a (mostly) weekly newsletter, Pathless
    • Writing another book, tentatively called “The Joy of Good Work”
    • Embracing publishing and book experiments to help nudge the future in a better direction for authors


    • Living in Austin, Texas with my 1-year-old daughter and wife
    • Working three days per week and hanging out with my daughter as a full-time dad the other two days, trading off book writing with Angie, who’s also working on a book
    • Thinking about moving abroad in the future, and curious about co-living homeschooling, and nomadic experiments

    Consulting Skill Training

    • Running my digital learning business, StrategyU
    • Doing occasional workshops with companies to help fund my passion (writing)
    • Looking for an operator and/or partner to help me take the business to the next level


    I run a community, The Pathless Path Community, that I offer on a pay-what-feels-right basis

    • You can join the group for $25 or higher based on what feels good for you. I generally am not a fan of recurring payments and don’t want to structure my life to re-create a job
    • The group is a way to create a space for people to “find the others” on their own pathless paths around the world