Getting Reps: High-Performance and The Patriots

As a lifelong Patriots fan and admirer of any high-perfoming organization it would be hard to not comment on the Patriots win last night.

Tom Brady has played in 34 playoff games with Bill Belichick. Thats over 33 hours of high-pressure experience. Matt Ryan has only played in 8 games and this was his first super bowl.

When the Patriots were down 25 points there was no reason to panic. They had come back from a large deficit to win the super bowl only two years ago. Brady & Belichick have probably been in every situation imaginable at this point. The key to their success was being part of the right team from the beginning.

From Kraft to Belichick to the Coordinators and Tom Brady — everyone in that organization is aligned on a clear mission: to win championships. Everyone knows their role and knows that is the only goal. You see time and time again that they make decisions 100% aligned with that mission.

One of the most important things in your career is to get reps in high-performance environments. Once you are exposed to these type of environments, you start to realize whats possible — in terms of an organization, teams and your own work.

Brady and Belichick have experienced that feeling of high-performance so many times — that when they needed 20 minutes of near perfect football — it was not only possible, but the only way they knew how to react.

Matt Ryan needs a few more reps.

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Paul is a writer, creator, and curious human that is passionate about how people can reimagine their relationship with work to do things that matter. He published The Pathless Path in 2022.