March 2019 Self-Employed Financial Statement

Every month I detail my financials. For a month-by-month view, you can see the full spreadsheet here. Here is my self-employed life financial statement for March 2019:

Income: $963

I started to see a bit more traction with my new side business continuing to sell some consulting template packs on StrategyU and also starting to sell more enrollments of Think Like A Strategy Consultant. Also, since switching to Substack, I’ve added a few more paying monthly subscribers. I also had a couple generous people offer me gifts as part of some coaching and consulting work I did for them.

  • Coaching Gifts: $500
  • Patreon/Substack: $91
  • Courses & Digital Products: $345
  • Udemty/Medium/Amazon Fees: $27

Personal Cost Of Living: $2,668

I moved into a new place in Taipei and spent a bit at IKEA getting situated and also spent $1,000 on a three week intensive Chinese course. After factoring these in and considering my future $333/month rent, my cost of living seems to be easily under $1500 a month.

  • Room & Board: $323
  • Food, Shopping, Misc.: $966
  • Chinese Course: $1000
  • Health Insurance: $99
  • Travel, Trips & Transport: $280 (including Visa Application fee)

Business Expenses: $772

Self-Employment Taxes: $147*

*I pay these quarterly, but the rate is 15.3% of income. Actual final tax bill will vary because, well who can figure that out?

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Paul is a writer, creator, and curious human that is passionate about how people can reimagine their relationship with work to do things that matter. He published The Pathless Path in 2022.

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