November 2018 Self-Employed Financial Statement

Here is my self-employed life financial statement for October 2018:

Income: $372

I spent most of the month working on launching the Strategy Toolkit, which was an absolute delight.  I ended up making two sales ($198) and also made some “internet money” from Amazon affiliate links via my Quartz article (accidentally left the link in there! – about $60) and from Medium (about $25).  I also received two generous gifts from an incredible coaching client ($50).

Consulting Fees: $0
Gifts: $50
Coaching Gifts: $0
Teaching: $0
Patreon: $31
Courses: $200
Digital Products: $6
Affiliate/Medium Writing: $86

Personal Cost Of Living: $2,117

On the cost side, I moved around a bit in Taipei so did not get the advantage of a monthly AirBnB rate and a short visa-run to Vietnam which jacked up the living costs a little as well as booking my return trip for ChristmaLet’sLets hope for a return to a lower cost of living next month…

Room & Board: $630
Food, Shopping, Misc.: $873
Health Insurance: $99
Travel, Trips & Transport: $515

Business Expenses: $228

Calendly: $8
Podcast Costs: $12
Quickbooks: $19

Teachable: $33
Video (Zoom): $16
Digital Ads: $99
Annual LLC Fees (Monthly Cost): $42

Self-Employment Taxes: $57*

*I pay these quarterly, but the rate is 15.3% of income

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Paul is a writer, creator, and curious human that is passionate about how people can reimagine their relationship with work to do things that matter. He published The Pathless Path in 2022.

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